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A quick pre wedding shoot with Ffion & Steffan on a dark and damp afternoon at Sylen Lakes carmarthenshire. we timed this well as just as we got around the larger lake the the heavens open up with a massive rain storm.
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Ffion & Steffan 001Ffion & Steffan 002Ffion & Steffan 002-2Ffion & Steffan 003Ffion & Steffan 004Ffion & Steffan 005Ffion & Steffan 006Ffion & Steffan 006-2Ffion & Steffan 007Ffion & Steffan 008Ffion & Steffan 009Ffion & Steffan 010Ffion & Steffan 010-2Ffion & Steffan 011Ffion & Steffan 012Ffion & Steffan 013Ffion & Steffan 014Ffion & Steffan 015Ffion & Steffan 015-2Ffion & Steffan 016